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Video Game Tester Salary - How Much Do They Make?

Paid video game testing is obviously great. Seriously, what gamer wouldn't want to sit down and play video games for money? But then again, the real question is: exactly how much do game testers make? Because if a video game tester salary isn't any good, why should you, or anyone else for that matter, pursue such a gaming career, right? That said, here is the run down on how much paid game testers actually make.

Average Video Game Tester Salary

Luckily for us beta-game testers, paid video game testing is not a "work hard, get paid very little” type of job. In reality, it's more of a "work a little, get paid quite well" type of job, which is truly awesome for us gamers. Having said that, it's safe to say that a good video-game tester salary ranges between about $15,000 a year to $55,000 per year, depending on numerous factors.

The biggest concern for paid game testers is that most available work -- at first anyway -- is done on a job by job basis. This means you might not be an actual employee of one of these gaming companies, but more of a freelancer who tests games for compensation. Why does this matter? Because you might not be getting steady beta-game testing work week in and week out. Instead, your video game tester salary might be stretched out a bit depending on who's hiring and how much they're paying.

How to Deal With This Job-By-Job Dilemma

Speed & efficiency. If a video game beta tester job pays a set amount, you'll earn more "per hour" if you finish it quickly. Why is this important? Because the faster you complete game testing assignments, the sooner it'll be to start searching for that NEXT assignment; and so on & so forth. This is how you can quickly go from making $1300-$1500 a month to a whopping $4000 a month or more!

Notice that it says both "speed & efficiency", not just speed. This means you have to actually do the work both quickly AND competently. If you rush through the assignment and miss lots of the games' bugs & glitches, there is no way a game developer or testing company is going to hire you again -- be quick but be thorough.

Quick Note: There will likely come a time in which a developer or testing firm wants to hire you outright as full-time paid game tester, assuming you're valuable enough that is. When that time ultimately comes, you won't have to frantically search for new video game tester assignments, they'll already be lined up & waiting for you each week.

What Not to Do, EVER!

If you want a video game tester salary to actually support you and allow you to live comfortably, then you can't get complacent. Just because you landed one or two beta game testing assignments, that doesn't mean they'll keep coming in -- they might not. In light of that unfortunate fact, even when you do finally land that first game testing assignment, be sure to keep out & about, searching for additional ones.

When you've found more assignments, start searching for even more, and then do so again & again & AGAIN. Not only will this keep the video-game tester jobs rolling in like clockwork, but it'll help you to build-up your credibility & those all important references. Why does this matter? Because with enough credibility and the right references, you can easily catapult the size of your video game tester salary to new heights!

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