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Frequently Asked Questions About Video Game Testing

If you're thinking about pursing a career in professional video game testing, then you'll likely be searching for some factual video game tester information, right? Well, if that is indeed the case, take a look below for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about paid beta game testing.

Video Game Tester Information: The FAQ

Question: Will I Need a Highschool Diploma or College Education Before I Can Start?

Answer: College is not a requirement for beta game testing, while a highschool education more or less is. A highschool education is not so much a requirement for a game testing position as it is a necessity. This is due to the fact that you need decent writing skills in order to to fill out the typical bug and glitch reports. Beyond basic comprehension & proper use of grammar, no other advanced training is needed.

Question: Will I Get Video Game Testing Jobs As Soon as I Start?

Answer: Probably not, no. However, the time in which it takes you to land your first beta game testing assignment depends entirely on you and no one else. If you are out & about, actively searching for video game developers and game testing firms -- not to mention constantly seeking out more video game tester information -- the odds are better that you'll find something sooner rather than later. Even with you being SUPER active though, nothing is guaranteed and it COULD take quite awhile before you find a company or developer that'll hire you.

Question: How Much Will I Make?

Answer: Game tester wages vary enormously from company to company and from assignment to assignment. Don't expect to make $120 per hour, as you will NEVER ever make that much -- those “ads” you've seen are complete & utter lies. A realistic game tester wage is between $8 and $15 an hour, sometimes a bit more. For more details about possible earnings, head to our Video Game Tester Salary page.

Question: Is the Work Difficult?

Answer: If you consider playing video games for hours on end and then filling out short bug/glitch reports difficult, then yes, it's excruciatingly hard.

Question: Is it Boring Work?

Answer: Playing new video games is rarely boring, while TESTING new video games often can be INCREDIBLY boring.

A lot of the video game tester information you've likely come across has described how "awesome" and "fun" paid beta game testing can be. The bad part about professional beta-game testing -- the one no one ever mentions -- is the mind numbing repetition.

You won't be playing a complete video game from beginning to end and just jotting down a few notes. You'll play areas of a video game over and over and over, and then over again.

Why such repetition? Because you're required to thoroughly comb over the game (your assigned levels to be more specific) and find ALL game breaking bugs and glitches. Certain bugs and glitches might not be apparent in just a single play-through; hence, why you'll need to play areas of a game NUMEROUS times.

Question: Is there an Age Requirement?

Answer: Nope. 16, 18, 20, 23, 34, 45, age just doesn't matter! There are actual cases of 12-year-old gamers being able to test video games for money! Age isn't the issue, experience is!

Question: Can I Test Games From Home?

Answer: When it comes to the many questions of video game tester information, this is definitely the most frequently asked one. Luckily for us, the answer is YES! Although, you shouldn't limit yourself by just trying to be an at-home video game tester, as it's not always possible for everyone.

Question: Do I Get to Keep The Games I Test?

Answer: Sometimes, but not all the time. Some (not many) companies may actually offer news games to their testers FREE once they've been completed. Don't expect this to happen with you though.

Question: Do I Need Special Equipment?

Answer: No, just the basics -- next-gen gaming systems and a suitable High-def TV. If your beta testing assignment happens to be at a game testing center, well, then you won't need anything at all.

Question: How Do I Start Testing Games Immediately?

Answer: Short of being active and constantly searching for video game tester job openings, theres really nothing else you can do. You can try to speed things along by using a video-game tester service like GamingJobsOnline or BAGT -- such websites list which companies are currently hiring -- but that's about it.

Hopefully, you've absorbed this video game tester information without too much trouble and now ready to start on the path to becoming a PAID video game tester!

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