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3 Career Options For Video Game Lovers

Wouldn’t it be great to earn an above average salary while doing some activity you could engage in for hours at a time without feeling as if you are doing a job at all? If you’re like many young people at the entry level of working class America, your perfect job may well be playing video games! Yes, its true. There are actual job openings for video game testers, video game designers, and video game programmers that need to be filled!

There are several interesting and challenging careers in the video game development world that can reward you with an excellent video game salary, and the satisfaction you will feel when you successfully launch a new game that you know gamers will love to play! Take a look at the top 3...

1. The Video Game Tester

This is an entry level position in the video game production industry. As a video game tester, you would be assigned an unreleased game to play again and again, with the goal of finding all the glitches and flaws in the game’s programming. A game tester must demonstrate the ability to play well enough to explore every possible scenario with the intent of discovering all the potential bugs in the game.

Testers should be familiar with MS Office and Windows software and possess the ability to communicate effectively in both written and verbal form. Writing and speaking skills are a requirements for a successful career in video game development.

A tester must report in writing, by phone or in person the different situations that arise in a game, their outcomes and the steps she/he took that led to a particular situation or outcome. Tenacity is also required, as a game tester logs long hours of game play.

The salary for a video game tester is not as high as a video game designer salary. However, an entry level game tester could earn around $30,000 thousand, with increases to over $40,000 with experience.

2. The Video Game Programmer

A bit more technical than a game tester’s job, a position as a game programmer will require you to create necessary codes for any one of multiple functions of a video game. The tasks of a programmer usually include creating multifaceted functions and algorithms that may be more complicated than programs utilized in the corporate world. For this reason, mathematical skills and an analytical mind are absolute prerequisites for a video game programmer.

The entry level salary for a video game programmer is approximately $50,000. With experience, salaries may rise to average between 60 and 90 thousand annually.

3. The Video Game Designer

Video game designer is the common vernacular for those who "make" video games. The game designer field is a highly competitive one, whether you are self-educated or have a college degree in video game design. Game designers are the ones who come up with new ideas which may be a variance on an existing concept, or a totally unique concept for developing a new game.

Writing and presenting an initial game proposal report is the initial function of the game designer, who must include the game’s concept, , feature list, game play, target audience, staff schedule, and a proposed budget.

This position pays well at all levels of expertise, but you will quickly learn that the more seasoned you become within the industry, the more quickly your salary will rise. A video game designer salary for someone with three years or less on-the job experience starts out at around $46,000 per year. With three to six years experience that salary could increase to a range of $55,600 - $70,000 annually.

Experienced creative directors or lead designers may earn as much as $81,000 per year. The highest video game designer salary ever reported for a lead designer was $180,000 a year.

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