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Video Game Tester Career Information
So, you want to be a video game tester and test videos for money, eh? Well, who can blame you! It's a great job and any gamer would give anything for the chance to become one!

Video Game Tester Salary - How Much Do Beta Testers Make?
The allure of paid game testing comes from that one little word PAID. Without it, it's just game testing and that's not all that thrilling, now is it? Getting PAID to test, now that's different. Lets talk about how much YOU will get paid.

Finding Video Game Tester Job Openings
Jobs aren't going to fall into your lap. This goes for regular jobs and it goes double for game testing jobs. But, just because it can be difficult doesn't it SHOULD be. Take a look at these tips and tricks to find out where to find job openings.

How To Become a Video Game Tester Without Schooling or Training
Looking for a step-by-step guide to help you become a professional game tester? Then you need to check out this article!

Video Game Tester Information - The FAQ
Frequently asked questions about game testing and the answers to accompany them. If you want to know about it, chances are the question has been asked and answered right here!

Is Video Game Testing Really For You?
You're thinking "of course it is", but you don't know the whole truth about game testing. You probably just know the light side.... not the dark side. Find out the truth and then decide for yourself!

Great Tips For Better Video Game Testing
Want to increase your skills and land more game tester jobs? Then these tips are a must read. So get to it!

How to Practice Video Game Testing
Who would have thought that you could actually practice the "art" of game testing? Well, you can and you had better start if you want to make it in this field!

The Salary of a Video Game Designer
How much do video game designers make? If you want to know, then read the article, duh!

How Much Does a Video Game Designer Make?
The amount of money game designers make varies, as it does with any job. However, there are different levels and types of game design.

How to Become a Professional Game Designer
You want to know how to get started, do you? Well, then click the article and read away!

How to Become a Video Game Designer
Becoming a game tester is much easier than becoming a game designer, but for some, game testing just isn't all that interesting. Game designing is what they want to do. This article is for those people!

What Are The Requirements of Becoming a Video Game Designer?
There's more you need than just a love of drawing to become a game designer. You need creativity, imagination, and even problem solving skills. What did you think... that game design was just about drawing pretty pictures? Well, you were wrong!

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