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How to Become a Video Game Designer

Due to unprecedented growth. the demand for video game designers continues to increase dramatically each year. This has created an escalating flood of potential video game designers into collegiate video game development schools armed with the belief that they can start video game careers and succeed in the gaming industry.

By arming yourself with the right skills and attitude, becoming a video game designer is indeed an obtainable dream. You must foster a desire to join one of the best game production teams in the industry. You must to believe that you can succeed, and you must have a strong passion for gaming. With that in mind, here are five simple (although not necessarily easy) steps of how to become a video game designer.

How to Become a Video Game Designer in 5 Steps

1. Have (Or Develop) the Right Skills, Abilities, Traits

The "skills & abilities & traits" needed to be a video game designer are innovative ideas, patience, an aptitude for abstract thinking, the ability to think outside the box, and tenacity. These characteristics may or may not come naturally, but in any case, they can be developed with the proper educational exposure and vocational experience, which leads us to the next step.

2. Obtain the Right Knowledge & Experience

As with any career in computer programming, graphics or design, it is essential that you develop the computer skills that can advance you toward your video game career goals. This can be accomplished most effectively by taking high school and/or college courses that teach these skills.

Abstract and absolute problem solving abilities, art appreciation and graphic design, computer programming, animation, and game development are all subject matter that must be learned & understood -- or the chances of landing a good job in the field of game design will be minimal.

3. Get A Job In The Video Game Industry; I.E. Be a Video Game Tester

We're not talking about a a weekend hobby or a temp job that you can do off and on. Video game testing is a REAL job, and for some, it's a also career choice. As a video game tester, you will be earning money while doing something you love, and also getting your foot into the door of the video game development industry. Aside from that, you'll be gaining valuable experience, as well. Finding out how to become a video game tester is easy and you can find out most of what you need to know, including where to start, from this website.

4. Develop A Video Game & A Design Document

The truth is, most video game careers start with lots of eagerness & determination, but then they fall apart immediately. In fact, you probably shouldn't even call them video game careers -- cause they fall apart THAT quickly. The reason for this is due to the fact that the so-called video game designer doesn't want to actually DESIGN a video game. He just wants to think of an idea and have other people do all the work -- that's not how game design works.

If you want to be a video game designer, you have to start designing your first video game, period. You can start designing your first video game while going to school, and/or working in the industry as a game tester. Keep a journal of ideas, potential characters, story lines and plots -- write ideas down when they come to you immediately. Create story boards to help with this process; these are drawings that help you explain game concepts and details.

Incorporate all this information in the form of a script. This is your design document. Writing it will require you to envision and develop a clear picture of your game world. Once you accomplish this, you will be prepared to present it to the production team.

It's one thing to say you have an idea for a game about a "dragon slayer that slays monster, dragons, orcs, and other nasties" -- it's quite another to come up with every last detail of that character, his environment(s), his background, his weapons, his mission, and all other characters/enemies.

5. Present Your Design Document

Many game companies review hundreds of game ideas, but can only produce a few games per year. Typically, the designs they accept come from internal sources. This fact makes presenting your design the most difficult step of this process. However, if you have faithfully followed the first four steps and are 100% serious and 100% determined in your efforts, you can and will find success with video game careers.

It may very well take years to carry out all five of these steps of how to become a video game designer OR you may already possess much of the talent, skill, and knowledge necessary for a successful career in game design. Either way, the overall process of becoming a video game designer is both challenging and highly rewarding.

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